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Hi, I’m Angela,

And I help women just like you live your purpose. 

If you’re reading this, you’re here for a reason. You’re here because you know you have a purpose and you want to live it. You’re tired of struggling, tired of feeling unfulfilled, tired of wondering if it’s too late. 

You may be a solopreneur, a stay-at-home-mom, or a woman nearing retirement. And what you know in your heart is that you’re here to make a difference in this world. 

How do I know? Because I was just like you. I tried and tried and tried so many things. I got a degree in English and worked in publishing. I went to medical school (briefly). I stopped and started businesses. I wrote books. But nothing stuck. I kept wondering what was wrong with me. 

At first, I blamed it on growing up in poverty and homelessness, and on not having the “opportunities” I saw others around me have. 

Did I have some success? Yes. I was the first person in my family to go to college, to go corporate, to make it “out.” But that wasn’t enough. Inside, I always felt like a failure. 

It wasn’t until one day during meditation, I was told to ask, “Am I in service to the greater good? If so I am rich beyond measure. Then I am debt free.” That’s when I accepted the truth of who I was—a woman in service, a woman here to make a difference. That’s when I stopped feeling like a victim and feeling less than everyone else because I had grown up in a trailer with a mother who hadn’t finished the 8th grade. That’s when I said, eff it. I’m here to shine my light—and hold the light for other women until they can see it for themselves.

If you’re reading this, you know you’re here for a purpose. My purpose is to hold the light for you until you can see it for yourself.

As an intuitive success coach, I’ve offered thousands of transformational readings and coaching sessions over the past decade that have helped my private and group clients double and triple their incomes, start or grow multiple-six-figure businesses, and live the spiritually rewarding lives their souls were longing for. (See some of their stories here.)

You’re ready to step into your purpose or you wouldn’t be here. 

And I’m committed to you shining your light, being in service in the unique way your heart is crying out for, and creating the personal, professional, and spiritual success you signed up for.

Call me, please. The world needs you. 859 two hundred 1704. Yep, that's my real number, with a little flair.

With love,


PS: If you want the drier, more official bio, this is for you:

Angela is founder of The Art of Success for Women, where she empowers courageous women to lead inspiring lives, and creator of The Soul Sister’s Success Academy: The Passionate Path to Live Your Purpose and Make Money Doing It. She’s a success coach, workshop leader, intuitive guide, and accountability goddess who has devoted the last 20 years to developing the tools and insights that have helped high-achieving clients double and triple their incomes, travel the world, and find inspired love.