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Thank You and Success Page Retreat

Congratulations for being ready to increase your income, feed your soul, and rock the world while doing it!

Welcome to The Artist's Way at Work Virtual Retreat for Women!

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Angela Faith AndersonWorkshop Leader, Success Coach, Intuitive Guide

Did you know, I also offer success coaching for women--with an intuitive twist?

Are you an emerging woman author, coach, healer, or entrepreneur who could use a little help setting--and meeting--your business goals? Call me at 859.200.1704 to set up a consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together. Or click here for a Success Strategy Session.

Erin KreiselLicensed Massage Therapist: Austin, TX

“I've already told several women that Angela was exactly what I needed to clarify my career path and spark my motivation. My business has exploded in the past few weeks (just over half way through the 12-week program). It was like all the work I had been doing with Angela broke through a flood gate and suddenly I'm seeing a huge flux of new clients. And aside from the coaching helping my business and creativity, the intuitive guidance has been a huge help in my romantic endeavors. It would be worth the investment for just the intuitive guidance or just the coaching. But to get both is absolutely a gift. I used to think of a "coach" as someone who simply cheered you on and gave you pointers. Now I realize having a coach has compressed about ten years of personal and professional growth into two months. Amazing.”

Update two weeks later: "I currently have more active clients than I have had in 17 years of practice!"