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Editing Testimonials

[thrive_testimonial name=”Ashley” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]Angela is one of the most talented, driven editors I’ve had the pleasure of working with. Exceptionally detailed, her editor’s eye misses nothing. Angela’s gentle-yet-firm guidance ensures I stay on track. She is skilled at cultivating a creative environment that is both freeing and goal-oriented. I highly recommend her services.[/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Jeffrey Reddick” company=”Creator, Final Destination Movie Franchise” image=”” color=”dark”]With a keen sense of story, structure and characters, Angela is an extraordinary editor. While a lot of editors will try to turn your work into the story they would have written, Angela’s strongest gift is the ability to edit your work in a way that strengthens your story, maintains your vision and helps you discover ways to bring out subtleties and subtext to make your book the strongest it can be. [/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Tim Brownson” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]Angela is awesome and it’s dead easy to say that so I’ll tell you why. She listens, she seeks to understand, she knows her grammar (*obviously), she strives for excellence and she’s punctual. I cannot imagine using anybody else to edit my work because not only will it be done properly, but it will be done on time by a super nice person! Win/win/win. [/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”BP Major” company=”EDM Artist of the Year 2104″ image=”” color=”dark”]Working with Angela has been an absolute pleasure since day one. I had been communicating with other editors prior to meeting her and from the first conversation I knew I had found someone with the skill and understanding to handle my project with extreme care and professionalism, not to mention she’s is an absolute joy to work with. I know I would not have the product I have without Angela’s guidance, expertise and her ability to motivate me to continue to create. Angela is one of a kind, and I look forward to working with her throughout the future.[/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Deirdre H. Gage” company=”author of The Getaway Girls: A New Orleans Tale of Monsters, Mayhem, and Moms” image=”” color=”dark”]Angela has been an invaluable collaborator and editor. She has excellent proofreading skills, a meticulous eye for detail, and a much better grasp of grammar than I can ever hope to have. I love that she will catch all my typos, explain why each one is an issue and how to fix them, and then catch them all over again when I forget and make the same mistakes all over again! She also has great narrative instincts and often provides feedback on the overall writing and direction that I’ve found extremely useful. [/thrive_testimonial]

[thrive_testimonial name=”Ellen Bard, author of The Energetic’s Series” company=”” image=”” color=”dark”]Angela is a responsive and eagle-eyed editor, who took care to understand the project and my needs before starting work. She set clear deadlines and agreements, and not only stuck to them, but beat them, delivering high-quality work in a short time frame. She’s both professional and warm and creates the feeling of being in safe hands–but that doesn’t mean she’s not prepared to feedback on parts of the story that she doesn’t feel works. But she knows how precious your manuscript is, so balances that tough feedback with a supportive attitude that’s motivating rather than disheartening. She’s also an excellent proofreader and takes the time to explain the why, so I was able to learn from her corrections as well as having a manuscript that was in better shape.[/thrive_testimonial]