Unleash Your

Soul's Potential

Intuitive Empowerment Coaching

for Women

Feel Confident in Every Area of Your Life

So that you're reaching your potential personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Intuitively Trust Yourself & Your Body Completely

So that you know what you want and how to get it.

Awaken to Your Divine Nature

So that you can share your gifts, stand in your power, and be your authentic self.

Navigating Living an Authentic Life Can Feel Confusing and Isolating.

  • Are a woman who spent your life putting everyone else first?
  • Do you have a hard time trusting yourself or struggle with imposter syndrome, somewhere inside never feeling good enough? Feeling that you have to somehow prove your value?
  • Do you hide who you really are because you’re afraid that you’ll be rejected if you speak your truth or stand in your power?
  • Are you craving a deeper connection to something you can’t name?
  • Do you know in your heart you’re here to be something more?

It’s easy to feel disempowered and discouraged, to start asking yourself, “What’s wrong with me?”

The truth is, being a powerful woman not living your soul’s potential IS discouraging. And it’s perfectly normal to question yourself.

But there is NOTHING wrong with you and you are not alone.

Be Who You're Really Here to Be

Find answers to the seemingly unanswerable questions.

Experience Clarity

Uncover the root cause of what's been holding you back up until now and how to step into your soul's calling via 1:1 intuitve readings.

Feel Confident

Learn tools to break out of invisibility and trust yourself and your body so you can feel comfortable in your own skin and be your authentic self.

Live Your Soul's Potential

Stop hiding who you are personally, professionally, spiritually, and sexually so you can stand in your power and create the life you yearn for.


Angela is a GODSEND in my life! She always encourages me to be gentle with myself with just the right dash of holding my booty to the fire -- by reminding me of the GOOD in me, and the gifts I was given to share and lead others with (and not keep inside because of fear)! Annnnd, my income has more than doubled since I hired Angela to help me unlock my limiting and self-sabotaging beliefs and HEAL their origins. 

Ashley Alexander online fitness coach

I'm Angela

And I used to be exactly where you are. 

I grew up in deep poverty with a mom who didn’t finish the 8th grade. I experienced multiple episodes of sexual shame, disempowerment, and abuse throughout my childhood. And then I worked hard and was the only person in my family to go to college. I got married and raised a family. But I still felt trapped and invisible. I struggled to speak my truth, to be my authentic self, to live full out. I was angry and resentful and made everyone around me miserable. Until I learned how to access who I really was, what I was really here to do, who I was really here to be.

That’s why I created Unleash Your Soul’s Potential Coaching and Workshops for women just like you. 

Because it takes the right tools, support, and intuitive guidance to be fully yourself, to feel confident, to be comfortable in your own skin, and to live your SOUL’S POTENTIAL.

So many practitioners out there say the right words and promise the right things. Then you join them. And in the end you feel frustrated and disappointed. You may even blame yourself that what they told you worked for everyone didn't work for you. 

I don't do Cookie-Cutter.

Our Co-creative work is in service to who you really are. 

After thousands of intuitive readings, I've learned how to tune into the healing and transformation that your divine essence is calling out for and ultimately to gently guide you to embody specifically what your soul is asking for so that you can ease that ache in your heart. So that you can be who you're here to be.

If you're reading this, there's no coincidence. Now is your time to shine. Click the button below to schedule your complimentary Soul Potential Breakthrough Session with me. 

I hold the light for you until you can see it for yourself.


What Women Like You Say

-Kim Wilkin, Founder of The Abundant Traveler

Angela has been integral in the growth and expansion of my business as well as helped me create the most amazing life for myself by overcoming many limiting beliefs and expanding my world beyond what I thought was possible. Through our work I: surpassed my 5-year business income goal in the first 7 months of this year; started my passion project business; released old beliefs around my parents and money, created enough passive income in the past 18 months to cover all of my daily expenses' and created peace, understanding, and self-compassion.

-Rebecca Donovan, Author & Life Coach

While working with Angela I was able to finish writing a book I'd been working on for eight years. I left a very unsatisfying professional situation and got the training to launch a new career and business. I stopped enabling my grown son to be dependent on me. I packed up and moved myself back to the mountains where I feel at home. In short, Angela helped me reclaim my life and rewrite my future.

How I Can Help 

My heart breaks when I see women who are being called to live their soul's potential continue to live in fear of visibility and rejection, beating themselves up for something that's not your fault. Being your authentic self takes clarity, confidence, courage, and support. 

I've done thousands of intuitive coaching sessions that have helped women just like you double their incomes, write their first books, start new businesses, grow existing businesses to over 500K/year, feel comfortable in their bodies for the first time, experience sexual freedom, create new relationships and heal old ones.

My clients often share with me things they've never told anyone else. And it's my absolute honor to provide a safe space for them to do so.  Our work together is shame-free, judgement-free, 100% love -- and results.


I can't thank you enough. I am graduating college next Friday, something that three years ago I thought never would happen. I am graduating next Friday. Thank you for showing me the light which allowed this possibility.

Laura Woo Master's Candidate, Northwestern University

Are You Ready to ...

  • Break Out of Invisibility and Imposter Syndrome?
  • Release Perfectionism, Fear of Rejection, and the Shame of Who You are as a Sexual Being?
  • Stop Giving Your Power Away to Others?
  • Show Up as Your Most Authentic Self in All Areas Of Your Life?

The Clarity You Seek in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1. Schedule a complimentary Soul Potential Breakthrough Call*

Clarify where you want to be personally, professionally, and spiritually.

Step 2. Have Your Private Intuitive Session and Breakthrough Call With Me

Discover who your soul's calling you to be and the one thing that's been holding you back from living your potential.

Step 3. Access Your Potential

Receive your custom Soul Actualization Plan for your next steps and if we are a good fit to work together, choose a customized private or group coaching solution so you can be who you're really here to be. 

*What exactly is a Soul Potential Breakthrough Call and how could it help me?

A Soul Potential Breakthrough Call is a 45-minute Zoom video call with me, Angela. It's part personalized conversation and part intuitive reading. It's where we get an opportunity to explore together what you're here to do -- even if you don't know what that is -- and what's been holding you back from that up until now. 

But this isn't an ordinary discovery call. It's a divinely guided collaboration that shines the light on the root cause of why you're feeling stuck or discouraged, that one thing that you're probably unaware of. 

And it will light the way for possibilities you may have never imagined. 

After your intuitive session, you'll receive a Soul Actualization Plan: a customized roadmap combining the insights gleaned during the intuitive reading and real-world action steps you can take to create the life you're here to live. 

And before we wrap up the call, we will discuss what further coaching support you might desire and whether or not we're a good fit to work together. There's never any pressure. And we end the call honoring you with a divinely inspired acknowledgement so that you feel safe, well cared for, heard and seen. 

I've done thousands of these highly individualized private sessions and have witnessed women like you walk away with "downloaded" titles and outlines of new books; creative, untapped sources of substantial income; connections to powerful influencers; resolutions to decades-long physical pain; renewed connections to loved ones; and clear answers to questions about big life decisions they've been unable to answer.

What They Say ...

Sandra Pelley

Inner Peace Mentor

Angela’s intuitive hits were just the thing I needed. Having had many of these moments with her as my coach, Angela has been instrumental in my growth personally and as a business woman. I went from having a fairly loose hope that someone would ask me for an appointment to having a webpage, productive Facebook pages, 12 clients, AND I started and finished writing a book that I had only spoken of for years. Now, I know what I want to be in the immediate future and I know some of the steps I need to make it happen.

Joanna Zajusz

Life Coach, Clinical Hypnotherapist

To say I gained more clarity, trust, and faith in myself, is not enough. For sure: I stepped into a bigger version of me in my personal and professional life. I loved Angela's strong, warm presence and, of course, my favorite part was the intuitive guidance. This always came aligned with my inner knowing, adding more reassurance and helping me to know myself better. Angela has a true gift in guiding others. Thank you!!

10 Signs You Need an Intuitive Session Even if You've Never Heard of One

It's time for you to finally receive the clarity you're seeking. Download my free checklist to learn the 10 signs an intuitive session may be the answer to the seemingly unanswerable questions you've been asking yourself.